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Maintenance Is King: How To Keep Your Pipe Rehab Gear at Peak Performance

The power of routine maintenance cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to sewer rehab and repair equipment. These tools experience serious wear and tear, and sewer lines are often dirty and unpredictable. While this technology is built to withstand rough environments, it isn’t infallible; just a few minutes of cleaning and care per day can help protect your equipment down the road. Looking after your gear helps to extend its service life, avoids downtime from unexpected damage, and can lower overall cost of ownership. 

Stick To a Schedule

Nobody wants to deal with dirty equipment the morning before a job. Adhering to a care schedule helps ensure that essential maintenance gets done regularly. Ideally, you should take time before and after every job to clean and inspect your gear.

Identify and Respond to Damage Early

Identifying damage immediately minimizes downtime and ensures small issues don’t become big ones. This also allows your team to record exactly when and where the damage occurred, so you can avoid risky situations in the future.

Remember the Manual

Your equipment’s manual has product-specific information that should include care instructions. When in doubt, go check the manual!

Have Spares on DeckPRT Lateral Cutter

Always have consumables and other spare parts like screws on hand when you’re in the field. Failing to replace damaged parts means you risk not only wrecking your equipment but also of damaging the utilities you work on. 

Keep It Simple

You wouldn’t use kitchen scissors to trim a tree, so why would you use your pipe rehab gear for applications it wasn’t built for? When deploying your equipment, make sure it’s being used for its intended purpose.

Service, Service, Service

One of the best ways to ensure that your equipment will have a long service life is to buy from a vendor with a good reputation for service. A certain degree of equipment wear and tear is expected in a field where tools are constantly deployed in unforgiving conditions, but with well-trained technicians in your corner, you’re more likely to use your equipment to its fullest potential. 


Following these maintenance tips will allow your rented, leased or owned pipe rehab equipment to stay effective longer. Interested in renting quality pipe rehab gear? PRT offers both rental options and a lease-to-own program for rehab pros looking to try out new equipment before purchasing.